Are You Kidding Me?!

I haven’t posted here in awhile. All the “craziness” just became part of the job. I have something new to share with you all.

We recently just moved to a new centre and the IT Supervisor was exhausted from working a lot of overtime and needed someone to help set up applications on the new machines. I volunteered. He showed me what to do and how to do it. It was very simple. He told me that if the user was not at their machine when I get to it, to shut it off, do what I needed to do and if they have any complaints, for me to redirect them to him. They needed to be rebooted after I did the update anyway.

Now, the department that I was doing this for at the time, had all applications except the most important one. I’ll call it Important Application or IA. I came up to this Lovely User who I will call LU that I knew was going to be a problem. Here’s how that went:

Me: Hey. I’m here to fix IA. I’m going to need to log you out and push an update.

LU: Are you kidding me?! You mean, you have to log me out and I have to open up everything again?!

Me: Yes. I’ve done it for all other PCs. I have yours and a few others left to do.

LU: Well, I don’t want to open up everything again!

Me: Look, if I don’t do this, this PC won’t work.

LU: This is ridiculous. What’s your ID?

Me: Look. If you have complaints, go see IT. I’m helping him out. I was told to just shut down PCs and do it. I’m being more than nice enough to let you log out.

LU: mutters grumbles Fine. Logs out

Me: Thank you.

I understand how it would be annoying to have to open all applications again, but seriously. In the time that was spent arguing, it could’ve been done very quickly.

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This conversation still sticks with me two years later.

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