This conversation still sticks with me two years later.

I used to work as a salesperson for a popular cable tv service. It was a MISERABLE job, i absolutely hated it. But I had a customer one night that really stuck with me.

It was about 8pm on a weeknight, and I had a man call in wanting to set up service. He was an old man, I believe in his 80s. I was trying to set up service for him, and of course he derails a little. But we don’t get dinged for call time, so I was all too willing to just let him talk. He went on to tell me that his family doesn’t visit him, all he has is his dog and that’s his only company. So of course, my heart absolutely broke for him and I was willing to stay on the phone with him as long as he wanted.

We talked about westerns movies, he asked me what I wanted to do in the future, etc. And we talked for about two hours. He finally realized how long we had been talking and apologized, but thanked me for staying on the phone with him. He said “You made my night a little less boring and lonely, thank you” and laughed a little but it broke my heart.

A few days later, I went to check and see if his cable had been set up, because we worked on commission and you only got the commission for set ups. I saw that his hadn’t been set up, so I decided to look into it further.

The note from the representative who cancelled the set up said that he had passed away, and I immediately burst into tears. I still think about him to this day, wonder how his dog is doing, and hope that someone was there with him.

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