Woman gets angry with me after being told what kind of business she called

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So I remembered this when it came up in my fb history from a time when I worked at a call center for… let’s call it a personal health company. Anyway, we got incoming calls from people searching for our site or for the services provided and sometimes our business bought old numbers from businesses that shut down. Because of this, we occasionally got wrong number calls but my god, this woman.

M = me, CL = Clueless Lady

M: Thank you for calling (company name with the word “Health” in the title) this is shwahaha! How can I help you today?

CL: I need a water heater.

M: A… a water heater?

CL: (already impatient) YES. I need a water heater!

M: Okay, I believe you have the wrong number. As previously stated, you’re calling (company name, stressing the word “Health”) and we do not sell water heaters.

CL: Listen, this was the number listed for (some water heater company’s name I guess) so I called it and you need to sell me a water heater!

M: Ma’am, I’m sorry for the confusion but we don’t sell water heaters.

CL: So, what, you won’t sell me one?!

M: Well, I can’t sell you one because we don’t sell them.

CL: (becoming irate) Are you telling me there isn’t a water heater for you to sell in your ENTIRE building?!??

M: (it’s 6 am and I’m already tired) I’m sure there’s a water heater somewhere in this building but it belongs to the building and I wouldn’t be authorized to sell it to anyone. I’d advise checking online to see if there’s another company you can –

CL: (condescending now) Oh, so you can’t sell me that? You can’t? Really? What do you sell?

M: Uh… medical testing.

CL: Oh, really? Medical testing? What kind?

M: Uh, um… it’s for, well, we sell testing for STD’s?

CL: (like I’m an idiot) And WHAT is an STD?

M: Well ma’am… that would be a sexually transmitted disease.

CL: (like a Victorian woman who had the vapors) HOW DARE YOU!!

And she hung up.

I wonder if she ever got her water heater.

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