Why dont you know what your doing !?!?

Recently started doing techical support at the phone for an IT solutions company . Its my first IT job and im 3 weeks in and loving it . But today I had the worst customer interaction ive ever had and i worked food service.

I got a call with a user having an issue with an internet explorer where a certain website couldnt load. Confirmed her account is active for the other websites and started to trouble shoot .

User is extremely agitated right off the bat . Since im not supposed to handle these kinda issues i tell her i can transfer her.

I just have to confirm im sending her to the right place so we can get this issue solved . She doesnt seem to i understand that this will take a few minutes while I message the rest of the team and read threw some documents on where to take her .

After 5 more mins she asks if i can just try and help her . I say of corse and start trying to figure out whats going on . I say ok but again this will take some time .

The user at this point is not happy with this answer and asked to be transferred I tell her of course and start looking into the correct transfer location.

After 5 more mins she say why can i just remote into her desktop to help i tell her of corse i can do not 3 seconds later she wants to talk to my manager i say of corse and message my manager who says no he cant hes busy

. I tell the user this and the user starts to get extremely angry. I tell her i can still transfer her and that i have a confirmed answer as to who can help her.

She gets even madder asking why i didnt do that in the first place or transfer me to my co worker i explain to her that i cant just transfer her to my coworker as they are busy with other clients

. At this point she asks me again if i can try to fix her problems again i tell her of course ill try to remote in and do what i can but again this isnt my department.

At this point she explodes asking me why i cant do my job and why i cant transfer her in the start i try to explain but she interupts me asks for my name and instantly hangs up .

Tbh i was shocked ive never delt with this kinda impatience and entitlement. But whats worse is i feel bad . I really like helping people even if there an ass hole

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