"Stop interrupting me"… Okay I won’t.

I rarely post, but felt a little inspired today after a flashback to the days of working in mobile support.

In my role I had the great pleasure of supporting consumer and corporate accounts, both were equally as horrible but corporate callers had a far higher chance of being those ones where you just want to die after the call.

The lead-up to this particular scenario was pretty boring, mobile data usage dispute which we got several of per day. I was zoned out for most of the call which was at this point turning into a therapy session.

We start discussing possible reasons why his phone was using so much data (WiFi turned off, apps/OS updates, background data usage etc..) and it went something like this (Me = Obvious, CX = Customer, duh):

Me: We aren’t able to see what the data was specifically used on, as I’m sure you’d understand this would be a privacy issue if we could. However, as you are saying you weren’t using the phone during that time it most likely was background…

CX: I know what my apps are installed on my phone I’m not believing for a second that they’re downloading extra stuff.

Me: Apps that you least suspect can sometimes be the biggest culprit, like photos backing up or…

CX: I don’t take photos this is only for emails and calling that’s it. This is your companies fault what are you going to do about it.

Me: We can’t do anything on our side as this is…

CX: Yes you can do something about it you own the network it’s your responsibility, I’ll take this to [local equivalent of BBB]

Me talking over him: As I was saying, we can’t do anything about this on our side as the towers only receive and transmit data your phone requests and our logs show these data requests, it’s very simple.

CX: You need to stop talking over me! I’m a paying customer and you are selling me a fault product and refusing to fix it!

At this point the line was silent for about 20-30 seconds. Our call centre was pretty loud so you can absolutely hear other activity on my side of the line so he knew the line was still open.

CX: Are you still there?!

Me: Yep I’m still here. I just didn’t wan’t to interrupt you because like you said it’s very rude. Is it my turn to speak now or are you happy only getting half answers? It’s your pick.

CX: …Ok… go ahead.

Honestly for the rest of the call, he was fantastic, and we wrapped up a few minutes later. It’s like he just needed to be put in his place or slapped on the hand and told to behave. It was messed up. When I’ve called customers out for it before, I’d never hear the end of it and it would end in an escalation but this guy wasn’t like that! I thought I’d won and that it was going to be a great day from then on.

That was until the call got picked randomly for QA, and at that call centre we do 6 of our QA calls with the quality team, and the other 6 with our manager each month. This was of course one of the ones with my manager. Imagine my face when he plays this call, I immediately recognised the voice and was waiting for my manager to have a go at me. Thankfully I only got a failed call, rather than a write up. I did enjoy seeing the comments on the QA report for that call about not achieving the “Desired Customer Experience”.

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