I don’t own a computer!!!

Hey again… Just remembered this hilarious call from yesterday! I did write in earlier but ah well.

So I am support for a multinational company that sells product but it’s ALL online. The service needs to be accessed online and any products purchased need to be purchased on the site or through us once you have an account set up. I’ll give the details now and ill call him WM.

Me: Hi thank you for contacting _, my name is _ how can I help you

WM: I want to purchase this product from you

Me: Of course, can you give me your email address so I can find your account and put through your request

WM: I don’t have an account.

Me: Sir, we will need an account to assosciate the product with. Can you set one up while I’m on the phone it’ll only take 2 minutes.

WM: Oh I don’t have a computer or access to the internet.

Me: Sir you will need an internet connection or computer to access this product.

WM: Why?

Me (trying not to be condescending): Sir, this company is a website, all services will be available online.

WM:hangs up frustrated

Like was he ok???

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