Reps, pleas just try…..

Ok so I am going to apologise ahead of time this is going to be a rant about other reps.

I have moved departments and positions but this always hold true. Working from t1 up to t3.

T1: working with a customer another rep had given out miss information and tried to cover by making multiple changes to the account. I was the 5 one to talk to the customer Rand was fighting an uphill battle, but only after fighting with my supervisor and om to fix the account.

T1 sup: the worst call I had to take at this time was only because of the reps attitude goes as fallows.

R: you are going to take this sup call and I am not giving the a credit!

Me: first off what did you do, and what is going on?

R: they want a 5$ credit and I am not going to give it to them and you are going to take this call!

Fine I take the call after talking to the customer that I must say was one of the best people I have talk to in a long time, I find out.

  1. the account was owned by the customers mother that had passed away. 2.the customer wanted to pay the bill but does not want to pay for the late fee as he had no access to the account prior.

I get where the guy is coming from and the problem should have been handled by the first rep in under 5 min. So I tell the customer no worries I got it taken care of and will be having a meeting with the rep.

Go back to talk with the rep. Me: so the sup call you gave me you are going to go credit them 15$.

R: no I’m not you do it.

Me: yes you are.

I make sure they submit it and then go talk to that reps boss and inform them of that happened .

Now that fun stuff T3 we are not on phones we are only chat and support reps with network troubleshooting. I will tell you that 25/30 chats are problems with the device and not the network. My team is all of 20 people to support well everyone. I have on one chat about 10 windows open at a time with information I have to fill out or to review.

The same people chat in about 10 times a day and never give the correct information that they only have to copy and paste in to chat from the account for us. Reps if you are going to get support from chat please for the love of God give us the right information, don’t try and like to us, and don’t argue about what we tell you to do. We have two chats going and some times it takes us a more then 60sec to be we go as fast as we can.

Tldr: reps please do your job and don’t fight with the people you go to for support.

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Man idk how people actually decide to work in a call center for the rest of their lives

I’ll never be with a woman again.