I’ll never be with a woman again.

I work for the billing department for a major hospital chain in Wisconsin. I had a lady call me one day and ripped me apart over $0.87¢. I tried over & over to explain to her this was a very small balance that was remaining from her Medicare deductible, and all patients have to pay their Medicare deductibles, that no secondary insurance company will ever cover a Medicare deductible. She called me all kinds of bitches and whores, demanded my supervisor. So, I went to get her. She said the same thing. Then went and demanded the manager. Keep in mind, all of us told her we had no problem writing off the small balance, we were just required by law to inform her of it. We told her at least 7 times she didn’t have to pay it. This made her even more angry that we were offering her “charity”. She threatened to fly to Wisconsin (she was in Florida for the winter) and threatened to cut off my managers legs and beat him to death with them. Finally, my manager said “Well ma’am you do just that. Is there anything else I can do for you today?” The lady said “Yeah you can suck my tits” and my manager, no bullshit, put his job on the line and said “Ma’am, up until today I was asking straight as a board with a hot wife. After hearing that, I will never be with a woman again” and hung up on her. I almost pissed myself laughing.

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“Why do I keep getting all these fees?”