My previous employers paid off a racist.

I worked for a phone and broadband provider. We had one particular customer (who we’ll call S for Shithouse) who was known for being particularly belligerent.

He calls us one day to help him with his service, long story short he ends up having a technical fault for a few weeks because its a fairly complex issue.

During this time he abuses everyone he speaks to, calling the girls slags, sluts etc and calling one a ‘good girl’ for getting a manager.

To top it off he told one of our advisers, who is from India and has migrated, to ‘fuck off back to your own country’ – he said this in a few ways.

His case gets escalated to me (complaints / CEO case handler) and he continues the abuse with me. It was decided that we would no longer accept his customer so I sent him a letter formally advising him of this, and disconnected the dickhead’s service.

Cut to a few weeks later and he is beating our Chief Financial Officer with emails. He almost immediately paid him off with £400 to go way and it was me that had to actually arrange it.

Fucking hated that business and I’m glad I left.

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