In which I am asked for advice on how to prevent a mugging

So, I recently started work in the call center for a financial institution which we will refer to as AP Gorgon-Space.

My smart mouth has led me down some odd roads at previous jobs (I once ended a call singing a made up stanza to If I had a Million Dollars by BNL) but today was particularly interesting.

CM calls in and we file a claim due to some fraudulent charges on her debit card. She asks for some advice as this is the second time this has happened to her in 6 months and I explain using the chip whenever possible and the PIN whenever possible is much more secure and she laments the security of debit cards and I say “well, we don’t live in a totally safe world, even just carrying cash you could still lose your money”

She asks how and I explain she could lose her wallet or be mugged by someone and she says “Good point. That was good advice about the debit card, how do you suggest I avoid being mugged?”

I was speechless.

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