“I’m looking for a pen with a soft grip”

I work for a promotional advertising company, so you may have already guessed it, but we literally have hundreds (maybe even up to 1000 different pens) to choose from.

Customer: I’m looking for a pen with a soft grip

Me: names pen

Customer: no that won’t work

Me: names pen

Customer: no that’s not a good price, name your cheapest pen

Me: names cheapest pen

Customer: that doesn’t have a grip

Me: slamming head on desk

Me: names other pen

Customer: is that your cheapest pen with a grip?

Me: I don’t fucking memorize the prices of all of our hundreds of pens (especially Canadian pricing for this particular customer…)

Me: “yeah”

Customer: “Well I found this pen on the website and it is cheaper, no?”

Me: Christ what do you need me for if you’re already looking at our prices

Me: “finally just says something smirky, don’t remember”

Customer: just hangs up

Like seriously, are you going to fucking call amazon and say I’m looking for a shirt? Preferably white? And why the fuck are you calling if you’re already looking at our website acting like I’m some sort of Connoisseur of pens?

Our catalog is like 800 pages with 3-6 items per page, are you seriously sitting there expecting us to know everything about everything in our catalog at our pay rate? You give me an item number, I look up the item number like a computer and give you what I see on my screen. I have maybe 10 suggestions that I know would work for you. Anything past that, order a damn sample If you are so concerned about specific characteristics of the item (material fibers, feel, usability, ect.) you get a commission, I do not, and I am not and will not do your job for you.

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