I have to pay taxes!? I want a credit!

Thought I would share my FAVORITE STORY.

So I work for a popular satellite TV company. I handle pretty simple stuff- billing mostly.
There is a certain kind of account we call a “snowbird” which basically means they move their equipment from home to another location- usually a summer home, condo, timeshare etc.

I got a call from a customer who had an account like this who said his bill was higher than usual, which was true. I frantically dig through his billing ledger and nothing on his account had changed in years.

Panicked, I throw him on hold to look at the account and noticed the price difference happened when the notes indicate he had changed locations.

BY GEORGE I FIGURED IT OUT- His state taxes!! Thinking, like a rational person he would be relieved that there was no issue.

He goes off saying he wants his account credited for ALL the difference in the state taxes. Of course i told him Uncle Sam ALWAYS got his and there was no way to credit the account for state taxes because we do not mandate them. Needless to say it went to a Sup and i never found out how it all shook out.

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