"I am totally done eith this"

Copy pasta: _I work in secondline disputes at a bank. I deal with everything from submitting 1st presentment chargebacks to case filing to investigating supposed fraud on an account. _

This got escalated to me because I guess the person on Frontline got bored of telling the customer the same thing. Customer has reported an unrecognized transaction on their account. It’s for $10 and there is no obvious fraud pattern – it looks more like an unrecognized subscription than stolen card details. We’ve accepted that due to the low amount it isn’t worth fighting it and have refunded the customer already.

The custom is unhappy that their card needs to remain blocked it’s been explained to the customer that as their card details have been stolen, we can’t just leave the card ready to use… I’ve been asked to give the customer a call as an “Expert” to try and smooth this over.

$me $cust

$me: Hey it’s X from Big Bank. I’m really sorry to hear about the fraudulent activity on your account. Thanks for working with us to get it sorted

$cust: incoherent just unblock the card

$me: ah right, I’m sorry sir but as you have reported that unrecognized transaction we can’t just unblock your card and we’ll need to replace it. Do you have another card you can use?

$cust: …yes but I told you just unblock it. I don’t care; I’m authorising you to unblock it!

$me: I’m really sorry but it doesn’t work like that. It I leave your card unblocked and $500 gets taken out then yours not going to be too happy, right?

$cust: ha ha I don’t care about that, just unblock the card! I want to go out tomorrow.

$me: okay………well, regardless we’d have to refund you that money and I’m afraid that’s why we can take the risk. Can you transfer it to another account maybe?

$cust: it won’t let me and anyway what card am I going to use to get to work?

$me: your account isn’t frozen, just the card, what error are you getting? Also, you said you had another card, can you use that one?

$cust: that’s not the point, just unblock it! It’s something incoherent error…

$me: * checks customer events and errors: customer hasn’t even tried to make a payment * well if you could send me a screenshot of the error you’re getting I’ll look into it for you.

$cust: I’m totally done with this. I just want to get my money and you’ve frozen my account and won’t let me use my card. I can’t even transfer my money!

$me: I totally understand the frustration and if you could send m… click

Well…I checked and he made the payment okay after about half an hour. I guess going out and using this one card is more important than your life savings :/

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