Coworker needs to speak with me.

This morning I was on a call with someone and trying to catch up on messages. As I was in the middle of returning a call to a different client so their message could be attended to in a timely manner, another agent in the call center began raising her voice to me. She stated in a very unprofessional tone that she had been standing there for 10 minutes attempting to get my attention. She was standing between my desk and another co-worker’s and was not there for more than 2-3 minutes and at no time did she indicate she was needing to speak to me. She handed me a script and said I needed to go do my recording for a new place we would be taking calls for. I responded that I would do as soon as I finished the outbound call I was on ( I just needed to transfer the gentleman to the correct department, would have only taken a few seconds). At this point she very aggressively grabbed the paper out of my hand and stormed off. I reported the incident to a manager.

What do you think?

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