Batman Called In

So a few years ago I worked for a mortgage servicing company (we couldn’t give out loans but could modify existing loans and primarily worked with a very large bank here in the US). I worked in the department that handled issues above the standard agent like bankruptcy, FEMA claims, subordination, escalations. Most of the time it was me telling people who went through bankruptcy that they don’t get their house for free and we can still foreclose on the property if payments aren’t made.

We had many “problem children” as most call centers do but one dude in particular stands out among the rest. He was in his late 40s or so and the back story is his parents had died and left his sister and her husband their house and he wasn’t happy about it and would call in (always being transferred to my department) trying to get info, wanting us to kick his sister out and other general nonsense.

So one day I am the lucky one that gets Crazy so I answer with the normal “Thank you for calling XXXX, this is _____ how can I help you?” knowing it’s him because it’s a transfer and the other agent put in the account info.

C – “This is Batman, I have a question regarding my mortgage on Wayne Manor”

Me – “I’m sorry sir but the primary account holder on this account is not Batman”

C – “Yes it is, I have all the documentation that shows I am the owner!”

Me – “Then let me give you our fax number MR WAYNE so you can send us the documents.

C – “I SAID THIS IS BATMAN! The documents are in the Batmobile” ‘click’

Batman never called back but he would continue to call in and harass us saying stuff like he was CIA and committed assassinations for Barack Obama, he was watching us through a sniper scope and other gems. Apparently he was arrested damaging the property and was taken in on a mental health hold.

He made that job interesting

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