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Hey y’all! LTL, FTP, all that jazz. TLDR at the bottom.

Background: I work in a CC as a CSR, but my specialty during our peak season is social media customer service. As a more tenured member of our little group (and by tenured I mean I’ve been on it consistently for a year as of this past season), I’ve seen some pretty wild stuff over our peak times, and social media is ALL I do during peak. Off peak I do a mix of live chat, email support, and social media for the most part. I also work as an interim trainer before peak fully hits for our new/rehires. I used to do phones as well, but praise be to my old CS lead manager I was hired on permanently as an at home agent, so no more outgoing calls! Anyway, on to the meat…

On Social, we get the usual variety. People happy about what they bought or received, and people not happy about what they bought or received… This one, however, took the cake for me over our Christmas season. It did not happen to me directly, though our whole team can see what’s filtered into our post handling system, so I got the chance to actually see it in action.

AC = Angry Customer. CW = Co-worker. TCA = Terrible Chat Agent

AC: sends us a direct message through a major social media platform we’re on which contains a FULL chat transcript of a conversation she just had with TCA. “I can’t believe you have people like this working for your company! This is entirely unacceptable! I was thinking of buying something from you, but now I have no desire to, and I’ll be telling my friends. I just thought you guys should know that you have people like this working for you.”

CW: reads the transcript and immediately messages our team’s group chat so we can all see it, cue MANY remarks of “wtf excuse me?”** “Ma’am, I am so sorry that TCA treated you in such a terrible manner. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would be happy to forward this on to our management team for review. We completely understand where you’re coming from, and assure you that this situation is an outlier. If you would like to shop with us, please do feel free to reach out to our social media team at any time.”

Mind you, I’m one of the various people that read the transcript and cringed. The chat went something like this:

TCA: “Hi, I’m TCA, how can I assist you today?”

AC: “Why are my shipping charges so high? I’m being billed twice for delivery to the same address.”

TCA: “Yeah. That’s just how it is. Each thing has a delivery charge.”

AC: “Well, is there anything you can do to help?”

TCA: “That’s on the company. I can’t change anything. You probably want to talk to corporate.”

AC: “That’s really no way to talk to a customer. You might want to consider getting some more training.”

TCA: “Right back at you.”

I am a senior member of our live chat team. I’ve been doing it since it started, have maintained high QAs, take the max amount of chats at once, and chat is the one thing the entire training team basically just lets me do without question because of it. I didn’t recognize TCA’s name, so I knew he wasn’t in one of my training sessions (thank god), but seeing what he had said there piqued my curiousity. I looked into his profile in our case management software and about had a heart attack. Just as bad, if not worse. I tried to find his name in our messaging app and couldn’t find it, so I’m assuming he was probably escorted off the floor… Apparently we’ve had a few of those this season.

TL;DR – Customer messages us with a chat transcript that makes everyone cringe. Turns out the agent is just generally an asshole, and I as an interim trainer am left wondering how the fuck he made it out of our little new hire course.

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