An unusual creep call

This is kind of long, but pretty weird. Any explanations would be interesting.

I work at a financial institution call center and work at a previous call center, totaling about 6 years. Had all your typical creep calls, from “you sound pretty, are you married?” to “what are you wearing” and etc.

I get a call from this guy and he has just a general question, so I dont need to verify or get his information.

He starts the call normally, sounds like a regular older man being friendly, but then starts to change the subject. He starts mentioning his car and it needs work on. Ok.. but then he ask if I have ever taken my car to a shop where they lift the cars up.

Me: Umm yes, I have. Him: Would you ever sit in your car while they lift you up Me: Um I dont think you are supposed to. Him: if they said it was ok, or they needed you to be in the car while they checked something Me: I guess if it wasnt really high and it was quick Him: what if they needed to lift you up high Me: then no, I wouldn’t want to do that Him: why not? Me: because I am afraid of heights and I dont see why I would need to be in the vehicle.

Now mind you I am already weirded out about this because these seem like very weird probing questions for someone who works at your bank.

Him: if you worked at the shop and you had to ask someone to sit in the car while you lifted them up, how would ask them? Me: umm I dont know how I would ask someone this. Him: you need them to be in the car while it’s being checked on, how would you ask them to sit it in the car while you lift them up?

At this point I am getting really creeped out, it was like he wanted me to do some weird fucking role play, his tone has changed and it was just overall super creep.

Me: I wouldnt know how or why to ask someone this, I do not work in this field. Is there anything else that is bank related I can assist you with today?

He disconnects, I tell my supervisor right away how strange the call was and he asked me to send him and email about the call (conversation and details I had about him such as the phone number.)

Apparently this dude has called in multiple times and does this similar conversation with other prior female reps. Always relating to “being lifted in car” and once you stop playing along he immediately hangs up. All previous reps informing their sups of how creepy it was.

The next week my coworker who is next to me gets the same guy, however this time he gave her his info to look at his account. Same creepy car lifting shit, we immediately pass this on to one of our female sups (we felt the male sups were not really making this a priority to resolve since it had been going on for some weeks now.)

She immediately pulls his call logs, found out he calls almost every week, multiple times and hangs up on all the male reps and then had the same creepy car lift questions for all the females. They forwarded the information to our risk management who place notes on the account that his calls be forwarded to a specific supervisor.

They eventually talked to him, informed him that all of the calls are recorded and they noticed a pattern with his calls and informed him if he cant keep the calls related to banking they will notate that he will only be able to do his banking in branch and with a male teller. He apologized and took it fairly well agreeing to do so.

Not sure if these are important details, but he was about 70 ish, and pretty rich (100k+) in his account and married.

I dont know what to think of it, was it some weird isolated fetish? Did he have some murder fantasy about squishing women? What part of this scenario is sexual? Minding you he never said anything sexual. Did he has some car lift trauma? I have no fucking clue.

TLDR: Man called in to bank call center multiple times, to only speak to women and ask them questions about if they would like to be lifted in a car like they do at car shops, trying to get them to role play doing so.

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