Age Group Trends

Anyone notice that those who are “baby boomers” and “generation x” are the first to get mad or annoyed or demand a supervisor over the smallest thing… and younger people such as “generation y” , “millennials” and younger are more understanding, more patient, and more apologetic?

Every person I am screamed at from is older. I can clearly picture “let me speak to your manager” hair cut. I dread speak to the Brendas, Lindas, Karens, and Judiths.

For context: I had this today with a lady born in 1945…

“I’m past due cause ya’ll didnt send a statement and I’ve never moved (which means the USPS probably lost her statement)… can’t expect me to remember everything. Its yall’s fault. Why is my interest rate so high? It should be 4%! (Its 5%) I sent in 400 but I still get a bill for 1000??? (she was 3 months behind on a 10k balance) If ya’ll dont like what I send, and ya’ll push me, I won’t send a thing and ya’ll can eat it.” Click.

Disclaimer: not every older person fits this, and not every younger person fits this, this is just a trend I’ve noticed recently.

I try not to be prejudiced when I see locations, read names, hear accents, etc… but sometimes in this line of work, I can’t help it.

Rant over.

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