"Why hasn’t my TV arrived? I paid for delivery tomorrow!"

I wish this wasn’t a real conversation that I had with a customer.

For background, I work for a large mobile network in the UK and we have an option to add ‘accessories’ to your contract, which you pay off interest free over 11 months. One such ‘accessory’ is a Samsung 40″ Ultra HD 4K Smart TV.

Our last possible day for deliveries over the Christmas period was Xmas eve (Monday). Customer ordered the above TV on Saturday and paid for delivery Monday. No issue there.

Sunday. 1PM. ME (M). CUSTOMER (C)

C: Hi, can you just check and see when my TV is being picked up?

M: No worries.

Completes DPA, etc. Finds order, showing as waiting pick. At this stage, we have allocated the stock and are literally waiting for our delivery partners to pick it up and chuck it in a van. Once this happens, customer receives a text and can track location. Easy.

I relay this to the customer and state that pickup can be anytime up until 8pm Sunday evening.

C: Well why hasn’t it been picked up?

M: As soon as delivery company can facilitate pickup, they will. I’m sure they’re busy with it being Xmas eve eve.

C: Well I’m not paying for what I’m not getting!

M: What makes you think that you aren’t getting it?

C: It’s not been picked up, and it’s a bit late now.

*Checks time. 1.30.

M: Pickup can be anytime up until 8pm

C: I think we both know I’m not getting the TV. I want the monthly charge credited to my account. (About £32).

M: No

C: WHY?!

M: You have paid for delivery for Monday. Today is Sunday. You aren’t supposed to have the TV until tomorrow.

C: Why hasn’t it been picked up yet? I’m not paying for what I’m not getting.


This carried on until about 2.40.

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