Totally unexpected and hilarious

Im going to keep this short and sweet because i’m on mobile.

I work for a smaller telecommunications company, we’re actually one of the nice ones. No contracts and mostly free service calls that are usually within a week. They also care about us, the employees, and it shows. It’s not uncommon for someone to beg me not to make them leave because they can’t afford it. I work in retention, if you can’t tell already.

So I was transferred a call from a troubleshooting agent, basic description in notes the person thinks they pay too much. I see that the monthly bill is 150 per month and they have our 100mbps internet and our most complete channel lineup. I go through the usual steps, what do you watch, etc etc. Finally, the man blurts out rather anxiously that he just paid a $400 bill and he can’t afford that because he’s disabled. He loves our service, our reps are always knowledgeable and friendly, but it’s just too high.

This guy had a negative balance, meaning he paid more than what he owed, for almost a year. He paid what the negative was, thinking it was owed. HE HAD A NEGATIVE BALANCE OF ABOUT $1400! The man laughed and said “so you’re telling me to stop paying my bill. I can do that.”

I gave him 10 off for 6 months anyway. He was really nice and complimented us, and quite honestly, if anyone deserved a discount it’s the person who basically pre pays a year worth of service.

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