Pleasure talking to you

I never thought these calls really happen to men, it’s just women from where I work saying about creepy guys on the phone. I work for an upmarket, global taxi service and I got a call today from an older gentleman, who kept me on the phone for 10 minutes after I booked in his car, he was joking quite a bit about the fact he doesnt use the app or website to book and that promotional codes are only valid booking through those and not when he calls up. He was running the act a bit long, and I was trying to get rid of him without being rude. Towards the end of the call he said:

customer: “make sure my car’s on time”

“I will do. Well it’s been a pleasure talking to you”

customer: “I look forward to more pleasure from you”

“uhh yep well i’ll make sure the cars on time”

customer: “You know what I meant”

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