Milwaukee is apparently the capital of Wisconsin

I just found this subreddit and it’s brought back all these repressed memories. Here is hopefully a short one. Normal disclaimers.

I worked in a call center for a small business insurance company that could offer quotes over the phone. A man called in to get a quote for his business and I went about collecting his information for the quote. I was having some difficulty understanding him because he had a thick accent. We were doing fine until we got to his street name. M= Me and C= Asshole caller of the day

C: My address is 123 (what sounds like Malarkey) Dr.

M: I apologize, did you say Malarkey?

C: No, I said (what sounds like Malarkey).

C: I apologize sir, it’s sometimes hard to hear with our phone systems. Would you mind spelling it for me?

C: It’s (Malarkey)! Do you know the capital of Wisconsin?

M: Ummm… Not off the top of my head.

C: What?!?! I can’t believe that you don’t know the capital of Wisconsin. How long have you lived in this country?

M: Well I was born here, so my entire life.

C: Oh. Well, they didn’t teach you that in school? (Goes off on a rant about call centers and foreigners in call centers who can’t understand him)

To be honest, that wasn’t my favorite subject in school and so I paid close enough attention to pass and that is it. Thank goodness for Google.

M: Okay sir. So, your address is 123 Madison Dr?

C: What?!? No, I can’t believe how stupid you are. How do they let someone so stupid answer phone calls?

M: (I’ve been working at a call center for a long time, so I have the bitchy sweet as pie voice down) I’m sorry sir, but Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and I thought that was your street name.

C: ………

Long story short I was finally able to understand what street name he was giving me, Milwaukee. He went off on another long rant about kids not understanding the world today and poor customer service.

Thankfully the call ended shortly after that and he never called back.

TL;DR: Had trouble understanding a caller who was saying Milwaukee. So caller thought he would be rude and asked me why I didn’t know the capital of Wisconsin.

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