My escalation from an old rich lady (long)

I work as a manager at an insurance company that mainly does auto policies, but also has things like rental and valuable personal property like jewlery and furs and paintings and the like.

This agent had already had 2 escalations earlier that day and tells me that he doesnt know why but his caller is asking to speak to a manager because he cant help her set up an automatic payment plan. He assured he tried to de-escalate, so I take the call.

When I look at the account, I have a feeling the caller is well off because she has the most expensive VPP policy I have ever seen.

I am cgk, she is orl.

Cgk: hi my name is cgk, and I am a manager with IC, I understand you wanted to speak to a manager?

Orl: yes. You people are all incompetent. It should be simple. Do you understand what is going on?

Cgk: yes ma’am as I understand it, you wanted to set up APP and I can help you with that. I have an account on file, is that the one you want to use for your payments?

Orl: what account?

Cgk: the account we have… that you have made a payment from before?

Orl: what are you talking about?

Cgk: a payment account? I can verify the last 4 digits if you like?

Orl: are you talking about my bank account?

Cgk: my apologies, yes your bank account.

Orl: see this is what is wrong now a days. No one knows how to talk to people. Now I have to do your job for you and tell you this stuff when you should be asking me the right questions.

Cgk: I should have been more specific, I apologize. Would you like to use the account ending in xxxx?

Orl: what’s the whole number?

Cgk: I am sorry ma’am I can only see the last 4 digits.

Orl: how do I know you have the right number?

Her tone just gets more and more condescending as we go and my soft skills start to go right out the window.

Cgk: well you have used this account before, so I assume it is correct.

Orl: well I want to be sure it’s all correct. You know I have been on the phone now for 30 minutes and if you people knew how to do your jobs intead of me telling you how to do it we could have been done by nos.

My brain is screaming “if you weren’t so anal, this can be done in less that 3 minutes” but I keep that to myself of course. I figure at this point, I’ll just have her give me the whole account number and if the last 4 digits match we are good. God was I wrong.

Cgk: ok ma’am well I can add the account all over again. What is the account number.

Orl: that isn’t the question you should be asking me, shouldnt you be asking for the routing number first? Is technology so good that you know what account to take it from without the routing number? I swear, do I have to educate you on what a routing number does?

I am about to lose my shit. I mean normally this doesnt get to me but this lady was on my last nerve and it took everything in me to not hang up on her.

I finally get all the info I need, full of similar condescending remarks throughout the call, insulting me because my questions were not specific enough. We get her app set up finally. But the call is not done…

Orl: what’s next?

Cgk: well… that’s it… you are all set up and ready to go.

Orl: shouldn’t you be asking me something else?

Cgk: (confused) well… is… there… anything else I can assist you with today?

Orl: I can’t believe this. Who is your manager, I want to speak to your manager. What is your name and ID.

I provide her my name and ID and tell her if she wanted to speak to someone above me, it would have to be a callback as I was the highest person she could speak to that takes phone calls. She had more things to say and then hung up the call. Thank god.

I just kind of sat there at my desk like… what exactly did she want? What was this last question I should have asked? I looked at my recording and it was a 20 minute call for a 3 minute transaction.

If I was a smoker, it would have been the call that made me wanna go outside and smoke a pack.

Sorry I cant read minds… I guess…

Thanks for reading!

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