“Don’t you have caller ID?!”

Hi guys! First time posting here, and let me tell you, I have worked at this CC for just about a year now and being that it’s for a service offered to the elderly, I have dealt with a lot of um….miscommunication. However, this interaction is just so odd, I decided to share. This one is quite long…just bare with me 🤗

Our verification process is fairly easy, actually. We simply ask for three pieces of information. Among those, we are first required to ask for name, phone number, and address. If those aren’t available, then we can ask date of birth or even a specific ID.

On to the story, I will be* ME and lame lady will be LL.

ME: “Thank you for calling company! My name is neonma, and to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”

LL: “Don’t you have caller ID?”

-Um? I honestly stayed quiet because..we don’t necessarily have caller ID, of course we see the number but with our system we get a lot of people calling on behalf of our customer, so it doesn’t populate an account. Once I typed in the number it did show an account which was hers. Anyway,

ME: “I’m sorry Ms., what is your name?”

LL: “I SAID, don’t you have caller ID? Can’t you just answer my question?” Before I could say anything, “…anytime I call anyone I always ask if they have caller ID, nowadays everyone does, but it’s just a joke I like to tell. So me asking that was just a little joke, I know you guys have information in your computer, but it was just a little joke…”

-I gave her the polite OH HAHA I SEE and then asked her for name again.

LL: “Ma’am! Look that was just me joking, and I can’t start my day with someone who can’t understand a little joke.”

ME: “Oh sorry about that! But I’ll be happy to assist you, may I have your name please?”

LL: “Look my name is LAME LADY and I have amount I want to use before the end of the year.”

ME: “Okay, I’ll be happy to assist you with that..” knowing how the interaction was so far, I tried to play on her side. “Now I do have here your account and if you could please verify your phone number…”

LL: “No ma’am, I have but this card number and that’s about it and I ain’t giving you anymore information!”

ME: “Oh Ms. LL, I see, well here we do ask for three pieces on information to access your account. I could take your ID if you have it.”

LL: exasperated sighs followed by yelling while speaking fast “Look ma’am, my name is LL, and my number is 12456789, my DOB is DATE I DID NOT UNDERSTAND and I live at ADDRESS without ZIP CODE.”

ME: “Okay, thank you, and I’m sorry LL, what was the ZIP CODE?”

LL: “I don’t know that! That’s all I’m telling you and you better start putting that information on your computer so you can stop asking me all these things. Area codes and uh ZIP I don’t remember all those things, those are too many numbers.”

ME: “Ms. L, sorry about this but we ask you for this information each time you call, without all three pieces of information verified I cannot access your account, if you don’t have the ZIP CODE, can you give me your DOB one more time? I believe you said it earlier but I didn’t catch it since you were telling me several things at once 😉.”

LL: “No ma’am, I’m not telling you anything else, I already done told you everything and you better be putting this on my account.” I think she meant noting the interaction on her account. “And if you want more then I’m just going to call later.”

Internally, GREAT, if she doesn’t want to continue the call with me I am TOTALLY fine with it. At this point it had been more than five minutes and I honestly didn’t think we’d get anywhere. Butttttttttt I relented

ME: “Ms.L, I can help you if you’d like I just need your DOB so I can access the account and we’ll be fine. I can definitely help you with your request!”

LL: “No ma’am! I don’t want your help!!!!!!!”

ME: “Okay, well we will be happy to assist you whenever you’d like to call back.” Fully expecting her to hang up, or cuss at me or anything, but NOOOOO

LL: “Well, I ain’t telling you anymore, I done told you everything and if I’m not going to use amount, then I’ll just leave it there and you guys can keep it or give it charity or whatever. I’ll just lose out on my amount and won’t get to use it and I just called to use it, and I know your computers have all the information……”

ME: cutting her off “OKAY MS. L, I’m sorry about that, but its there anything else I can help you with today?”

LL: “No you can’t! You haven’t helped me AT ALL and you have better put all of this on there!”

ME: “Unfortunately, I am not able to note anything, as I was not able to verify and access your account. But thank you for calling company, have a great day!”

A few seconds of silence and the LL finally hung up her phone!

I hope whoever got her next call has a better sense of humor than me. Lol.

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