I’ve been Mis-sold and want to speak to a manager. my order is wrong. Fix it NOW!

I work for a tv/phone/broadband provider in their retentions department. Ive been here a year and have been promoted to a kind of supervisor/training role. This role is inbetween the agents/trainers/managers and get involved in lots of different things for coaching and helping new starts. Some days I speak to customer as usual and others I am in a supporting role.

So it means I have access to the call recording software…..

Today I received a call from an angry lady who just had our engineer in to install her TV services. We will call her AL.

Me: welcome to my company, my name is Tollcross, how can I……..

AL: interrupts – your engineer has only installed 1 TV box and I ordered 3. He said the other 2 were £xx each and I’m not paying as I ordered 3 to start with. I want to speak to manager/compensation/blah blah blah

Me: you’ve only got 1 TV box on your order. We sent you an email 3wks ago with your order so why have you waited until today?

AL – insert screaming and shouting

Me – ok I will listen to the call and find out

Now that day I had a 2hr stint offline and nowt to do so rather than taking the usual day or two, thought I would get this off my work list and listened to the call. This is my outbound call:

Me – hi. It’s Tollcross calling from my company. I’ve listened to your call and wanted to clarify some details. Do you have a minute

AL -yes

Me – cool. You said that you wanted 3 boxes but only 1 was ordered?

AL – yes

Me – Awesome, so to confirm the agent has setup your TV package correctly so all your channels are spot on. But I was wondering when you bought your new TV’s?

AL- err, you mean the ones upstairs? bought them ages ago. How does that matter?

Me :- we’ll, I really wasn’t sure because when our sales rep and you were chatting about what channels you wanted, he asked you how many TVs you had. Since you told him that you only had 1 TV in the house, I thought the others might be new………

AL – it’s on your website that you can have this and my mate got 3 boxes

Me – yes, they are £xx each and an extra £xx/month. You only have 1 box ordered because ,well, if we had sold a customer 3 boxes when they only had 1 TV that would be mis-selling and get the company and agent would get into a lot of trouble.

AL – well I want 3 boxes or I will take my complaint further

Me – would you like a transcript of the recording. I’d imagine the ombudsman you select would want that


Bonus – not mine but I’m saving this for my last day. My quirky friend Cat was leaving and used this on her last day. She’s the nicest girl ever and sounds really posh in the phone.

Customer – I’m cancelling because of unhelpful staff like you. it’s ridiculous that my 75% discount has ended and your only giving me a 60% off now. I’ve been with you for 3 years now

Cat – sir that’s an amazing saving and tbh, it’s because of entitled customers like you that I have handed my notice in yesterday. Today is my last day and I’ve taken great pleasure in cancelling your account today. Congrats on you achieving 100% savings today. Your services will stop immediately. Mine will still be working when I get home. Goodbye.

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