I’m not giving that to you!

It’s me again, with another lovely story from debit card claims.

A week or two ago I had a caller on my line that I needed to verify before we could work on the claim. My usual go-to, if they have their debit card with them, is to get the card number (that’s one token), the expiration and cvv (together that’s a second) and the last four of their social.

All of this is verification, as in it’s already available to me once I have their claim up (except the cvv). A claim shows me their full name, address, last four of the SSN, account number, etc. All of which, if I really wanted to, I could use in a couple other systems to find more detail, like a full social, other accounts, other debit cards, and so on.

Point is, if I really wanted to risk my job, I have access to more than enough info to really fuck up someone’s accounts.

So guy calls in. I’ve got his claim up, hes given me his card number, last four of the social, and expiration date. Then he hits me with, “I’m not giving you the cvv. If I gave you that you could steal my card information and do anything you want with it!”

Let me tell you, the temptation to tell him I technically could do that anyway…. but I didnt.

The real kicker is that we were going to wind up closing the card and getting him a new one anyway. It literally didn’t matter one bit if he told me his cvv. It would’ve been useless 5 minutes later.

Some peoples kids. Why bother calling your bank if you dont trust the damn bank with the card info that we gave you?!

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