“He had a foreign sounding name and was really rude”

Another fun day in supervisor land. Customer provides no info and demands a supervisor. Oh. Goody.

Me= Me DL= Delusional Lady

Me= This is Me, I’m the supervisor on the floor. How can I help?

DL= I got these items and I couldn’t even use them for the dinner I was having because there was no cooking instructions. I called and I got some guy with a foreign name who was really rude and just rambled off some instructions not taking into account that I was trying to write them down!

Me= I’m sorry to hear that, I will pull the agent and coach him on that. Do you have internet access? All instructions are available on our site.

DL= Yes I went to your site and there were no instructions! I’ll go on there again and you tell me exactly where they are!

Me= Not a problem I can guide you to the instructions.

DL: Ok I’m on the page for the mashed potatoes and I scroll down under the description and it says Instruc…..tions. Oh.

Me: Oh, I’m glad they are there.

DL: Thank you click

And I listen to the other call with the rude and foreign named employee. Mike isn’t a foreign name and the customer read back the instructions she wrote down…

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