"Cant you just cut your commission."

First a little bit of background. I work for an insanely large insurance company. We offer a lot of products, mainly auto however. If there’s a product we do not offer we will act as an agency and see if we have any partner companies we work with who can insure that risk.

I get a lady on the line, shes had auto with us for 20 years and I’m offering her a product through one of our partner companies.

D: Darkseid (me) EL: Entitled Lady (caller)

(Let’s skip to the part where I offer her the rate, also shes calling to insure a street legal LSV if that matters.)

D: Your rate for the year is $282, I have multiple payment options, I can do monthly or paid in full for the year, what would work best?

EL: That’s ridiculous, rival insurance company offered me a price of $285 and I have no relationship with then.

D: our price is a bit lower, we always do our best to stay competitive, but this is the best price I have.

EL: you guys have to get commission, cant you lower your commission to lower my price?

D: Me personally? No. I do not get commission from sales.

El: Well what about the company? You guys have to get something out of selling someone else’s policy. I want you to lower that commission so you can give me a real competitive quote.

D: Ma’am, whether my company gets commission from this sale is well above my pay grade. Even if we did, our commission is not factored into the rate.

EL: I’m a loyal person, I’m considerate, I’m a business owner (like any of this matters). I need you to value me as customer and cut your commission or pass me on to someone that will.

Normally i would immediately get my supervisor but he was out that day so I basically had this arguement on repeat for almost an hour on a call that usually takes 7 mins.

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