"Are you a real company with real people?"

Just a short one that heavily amused me this morning while working through our email queue.

Email from customer:

“Hello, I would like to buy product X from your shop but I was not sure if your company is actual a real company or if everything is fake on your site. Is your support team real or do I have to purchase your product via Amazon?”

I phrased a response in my head:

“No Ma’am, we are unreal and this whole correspondence is in fact unreal and never manifested in reality. We are sending you this message from the planes of surrealism, and you might not receive further responses due to our team being outsorced to another dimension on an irregular basis due to the entropy of all systems.”

Honestly, I don’t understand where this comes from, it’s not that our site got hacked or anything, it is a normal and sweetly official website. 😀 But hey! I will try my best to give this person an…appropriate response although I am not sure if this is a troll email and what to write if it is not. 😀

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