Why I Quit

I worked in this particular company for 2 years, and it was a fairly small company when I started. There was less than 100 people, that includes agents, management, back office staff etc.

Because the company was so small, there were a lot of changes in a very small amount of time but it was great because everyone knew each other. The CEO would walk by the cubicles and say hi to us, he knew our names.

Eventually I apply for a manager position that comes up, I don’t expect to get it but figure the interview experience will be handy and it let’s them know I’m serious about staying with this company. Which I was, I loved it there.

Unsurprisingly I don’t get the the job. Turns out only 2 agents had applied, and 2 supervisors. One of the supervisors gets the manager job, and the other agent that had applied got his supervisor job.

Eventually the guy who got the supervisor job ended up quitting, because the job was harder and different from what he had expected. So because I’m the only other person who applied besides someone who was already a supervisor, I got offered the position. I took it, kind of disheartened because I knew I was second best but still happy because at least I would get the experience.

So the job is a 3 month secondment, and I have absolutely no management/supervisory experience and the director is like “I need someone who can hit the ground runnung”.

So I try my hardest, I end up training myself on all of the clients that I’m not already trained on as best as I can. I asked the management if I could have training at the same time as agents but was told because there was no one to cover me.

During the first few weeks of the secondment, my manager is changed to someone else, a stranger who doesn’t know me and who doesn’t make the effort to get to know me. This hurts my progress even more because they would always be saying “I’m here if you need support” but I would be like well where is my training for this job Then?

After the 3 months, of course I don’t get to keep the job, there’s a manager who left who was coming back and would taking my place. My performance wasn’t the best, and I knew that but still felt really annoyed at the lack of support and all of the other managers and supervisor felt the same. Regardless, I was assured that my old agent job was secure and it’s not like I was left with nothing. I cried and took a long lunch after they told me.

I had had a £2 per hour pay rise which was amazing tbh, my deductions for tax and NI were a little higher but that was to be expected.

About 2 months after the secondment ended, I’m looking at my pay slip and I’m like… £200 ish deductions altogether? That’s not right. Turns out they were still paying me my supervisor wage for the entire time.

I told my manager and he was like “Do you want me to tell payroll? You could just leave it”. But I knew that it would bite me in the ass eventually so he let’s payroll know, and I get this whole “thanks for being so honest” chat and we work out that I was overpaid by £600 roughly, and I decide to pay back about £100 each month until it’s cleared.

One day I get called into a meeting, and my old manager let’s me know that they can’t accept monthly payments anymore and it will have to come out of my next wage. £600 deduction from someone who makes £8 an hour…

I left that day and never went back. Didn’t hand in my notice or anything.

Sure enough they took £600 out of my wage, and because I hadn’t worked the whole month my wage was £5.99.

My best friends still work There, and say the place is going downhill fast so I’m glad I left when I did.

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