Customer gets $1330 in fee refunds, shocked we won’t give her more.

I’m going to forewarn this is kinda a long rant and probably not that great of a story. But I needed to rant. 😡
Okay quick back story.
I work for a bank call center. I work with our preferred clients which means they have ample funds with us. They usually aren’t frequent over-drafters and are typically finically smart.
I do also handle calls from employees and retirees for their banking. As part of our employment we get some pretty sweet banking rewards.
But employees are often abusive of our fee leniency and try to play the system.

So this woman calls in, she’s a retiree of the bank, her account is presently almost $600 over drawn. She just got two $35 over draft fees. She’s asking for them back.
We have a system we use that tells us yes or no. If it says no, and we really think it’s warranted we can over ride it.
The system tells me no. Now with this group of customers/employees we usually say yes. For it to say no there’s usually a good reason.
So I go into her refund history and she’s had THIRTY-EIGHT $35 FEES REFUNDED. And asked for others that have declined. I didn’t even think to look at the number of overdrafts. I see in the account notes a few days before someone put a note that a manager said no more refunds, so she clearly knows the deal.
So I go back to her and say “Hi Mrs. Smith, I did take a look here and we would not be able to refund those fees for you here today. The bank had already extended over $1,300 in fees to you as a courtesy and that has been exhausted.”

Now she acts shocked, not about the amount of fees refunded but the fact that websay no. “What?! Really? But I was so good to the bank. Such a good employee.”
Okay, well that doesn’t excuse you from fees or enable you to overdraft your account every 5 seconds.
Anyways, she starts carrying on and on about how social security doesn’t pay enough and that she’s fighting the system and people my age need to fight too or nothing will be left.
I keep trying to end the call. Anyways, it’s finally nearing what I think is the end and she’s like “so you are going to refund those right?”
So firmer this time I say
“No. That is not what I said. I’ve expressed to you that there are no more refunds to be granted. You’ve had 38 fee refunds. That’s $1,330. We can’t do any more.”

Then she goes on and on about another story and again I’m trying to end the call. “So you’re going to put those back right?”
“No. We will not put them back.”

She repeats the process of story and “you’re going to put them back right?” Till it’s been about a 4x cycle.

Now mind you during all this she is telling me she is sending out more checks. I tell her
“Mrs. Smith, I suggest you stop sending checks. Your account is overdrawn by over $500 you’re just going to have more items return and more fees.”
Completely ignores what I’ve said and has mentioned at least three more checks she’s sending out.
Now she’s asking me to put stop payments on other checks. So we do three stop payments, she already has 10 stops that were done recently as well.
So this lady is writing checks, placing stop payments and then also trying to have some cashed by us.
Like you’re going to go to jail for check fraud and soon enough be black balled from banking.

Anyways, after we do the three stop payments, she asks AGAIN “So are you going to put those fees back?”
At one point she is blaming the fee on a past associate saying that she called yesterday to ask if a check was here and she told her no, but it was. And that if she had given her the correct information she would have done a stop. I’m like “well if she told you no it wasn’t there why would you want to wait till it came to do a stop? We can’t place a stop on a check that’s already here.”
Then she’s saying “Well I spoke to Margret and she told me the wrong information. So I think I should have my money back.”
Me “Well you talked to Margret on the 26th at that point the check hadn’t cleared. It came to the bank yesterday, the 27th. So Margret gave you the right information.”
Her “Well no it was yesterday. I have to many notes of people I talked to. It’s it was whoever I spoke with yesterday. I called a lot yesterday and spoke with a lot of people. The last lady told me it hadn’t cleared.”
“Okay, well I’m sorry they told you the check wasn’t here. I don’t know if they miss understood your question. But no it was here as of yesterday. And it was two days ago that you called multiple times. Not yesterday.”

She then asks me to ask a manager to refund the fee. I ultimately put her on hold for three minutes and just chill out. Come back and say “Hi Mrs. Smith, I asked my manager, and that is still the case. No one here will be waiving this fee today.”

Forty Minutes. Forty Minutes of pure nonsense.
Wasting my time. Interrupting me when I’m trying to hang up. Lying. And putting words in my mouth.
I hope you go to jail and are sued for check fraud.

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