Snippets from my new job.

I work at a call center for an electric company in a different state than me. I do inbound collections.

Pretty much 90 percent of the time when their services are disconnected, they say, “Well I never received a letter telling me that!” Well sir/ma’am, it looks like we sent it out on , and we sent it out to

. Is that one correct? “Yes…”

I’ve had people cry on the phone, most for frustration, one for shear relief I was able to help.

I had a woman scream at me because of another rep’s error, and I had to be the bad guy and tell her that although the rep was wrong, the information I’m giving is correct, and that’s final.

I had a two and a half hour call today, with someone paying all 20 of his accounts… Electric and gas for each address, in full. (Yay!) Surprisingly, he was very patient and nice. Ended up missing my lunch and took a longer break an hour before I left, because of how long it took lol.

I have had calls that broke my heart, and even felt worse when I couldn’t help them.

This job has its ups and downs, but I actually kinda like it, just wish the managers were more helpful and nicer. They’re all nasty and hate helping us lol

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