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Today I had the most wtf call you can imagine. I work at a card processing center. We routinely handle inbound calls pertaining to lost/stolen credit/debit cards, we trouble shoot common/uncommon declines, and handle cases of fraud/disputes. I’m a relatively seasoned rep and am on the support queue which on top of regular duties also involves helping out our newer reps and handling more complicated calls. I also function as a “supervisor/manager” when callers want to escalate. (Lol yeah it’s entirely in title alone).

I’ll stick with the recurring theme here and give everyone a codename. H is junior rep who called me, Karen will be the caller (not her real name of course, but she was such a Karen anyways), I’ll be Toasted, because why not.

So with that said, here’s the scenario:

Me- “Good afternoon Card Services, this is Toasted, may I have your na-” Oh, hey H, what’s going on?”

H- “Hey Toasted, I have a caller who’s originally reporting fraud on the card, while proceeding to shut down the card she flipped and did a 360. (H meant 180, but I’ll let that pass~ I’m also now visualizing Karen flipping, which y’know what, I wouldn’t put it passed her).

Me – “So she’s saying SHE did the charges or what?”

H- “Well she says not to shut down her card, and she isn’t happy, wants to speak to a manager”

  • at this point I ALREADY know this is going to be ONE OF THOSE CALLS

Me – “Alright H, send her over”

Also me – “Hello, Karen, I’m H’s manager, he tells me you have some fraud on your account?”

Karen- ” No, Toasted, I know who did the charges, I gave that individual my card, and know I’m fully responsible for the charges. but you see, I have 4 accounts, and at the start of the day I had 375$. Now I only have 320$ and I know he’s spending all of my money. eyeroll

Me- “Okay ma’am, well if you’ve given this individual access to your info, for specific instances and now they’re using your card without your knowledge we can still dispute some of the charges if you hadn’t given them authorization.”

Queue sobbing

Karen- “Well, I believe I was taken advantage of, and I was, and I was forced to give out all of my account information”

Me – (genuinely concerned at this point) “Well ma’am if you were forced to give out your info, that could change the circumstances.”

Karen – “I was told by this individial, whom I also know in real life, and see on a daily basis that I had better give my info to him”.

Me – “So were there physical threats, or something like that”

Karen – “Yes, he told me if I didn’t give my information to him, he would impregnate me.”

Me- “Excuse me, what?”

Karen – “Well this individual was living with me, and he asked me for my cards, I orginally told him no, so he took them and used them. He then told me that I had to pay for hotels, and buy stuff from liquor stores for him. Then I bought him an xbox.”

Me- ” Okay, and so he had forced you to do those things? Do you have a date, dollar amount, and merchant location?”

Karen- “Well no, I don’t know all of the charges, but I can tell you the time he forced me to give him my card. ~ We had been arguing, then he took me and put me on the bed, and told me I was going to give him my card, and I told him no. But as we were making up after the argument, he manipulated me into giving it to him. I was below him obviously, and he was on top as you know. (I should’ve known where this was heading, but alas, I never seriously considered she was going to go into detail about y’know.. Anyway I’ll continue) He told me I had better give him my card now, or he’ll give me a baby. So with him inside me already (yes, she said that) I figured I had to give him my card or else.

Also Karen- “After that, I realized I was being taken advantage of, so my brother got up in that individuals’ face, and took my card back. He then took me to the police so I could tell them about what happened.”

Me- “Uh, okay ma’am, well I think given the situation, it might be best if you go into a branch, and speak to a representative about that, and tell them what you told me, that would be your best bet in determining how to proceed. Be sure you mention everything you told me, and Id recommend taking a copy of the police report, or something indicating you did take this up with the police. As of right now, given the circumstances I will go ahead and shut down this card, considering your information has clearly been compromised.”

Karen – “Thank you, but I’m hungry, can I please have you wait to shut down the card so I can go and get some food from McDonalds. I don’t have any other cards, and I have no other money, I’ll call you right back when I’m done.”

Me- “I apologize ma’am, I can hold off on shutting the card down, but there will be a hold placed on the card to prevent further transactions.”

Karen – “Okay, I accept that, just don’t shut the card down. I want that card for memories”

Me- “Okay ma’am, thank you for calling, have a wonderful day!”

Karen- “Oh I will now! I’m going to go get me some lottery tickets”


(B..b…but she does realize placed a hold on her card right… And what happened to no other money?)


Tl;dr Lady calls in and is either mentally unstable or a victim of manipulation, goes into graphic detail of sex, doesn’t want to change compromised card number, and is soon to be the next lottery winner.

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