Oh, Henry…

Long time reader first time poster. This happened several years ago, so pardon the lack of detail.

I worked for a call center in a smaller team of about 20 people. We were in competition with level 2 team and other teams to get the best average handle times etc.

We had a customer call in repeatedly with a problem we couldn’t solve, named Henry. We had to refer him back to another company working with him (who eventually blacklisted him, hilariously) but he always refused and called back over and over.

Eventually after hearing everyone on my team tell him the same thing, that we literally could do nothing for him as he was calling the wrong company, he got irate and called over and over just to say one swear word or a quick “This company is terrible!” Etc and hanging up again immediately.

The man was insane. This went on for hours. We asked our manager what to do but she said just to keep it up and let it go. So we did. He eventually got more and more tired and quit calling, again after several hours of one word insult calls every few minutes.

The next day our team manager brought in a huge bag of “O’Henry” candy bars for the whole team. Henry’s shenanigans had brought our team into first place of average handle time.

Sometimes terrible callers are a blessing in disguise 🙂

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