My favourite rule

I was working at a StartUp, let’s call it Fellow Hash, where there was no switchboard and no way to connect to anybody who wasn’t a Customer Care agent.Also, CC was the ONLY number you would find for the company.The rule was that if anybody called in, wanting to talk to anybody outside of CC, I had to tell those people to write a E-Mail.

This lead to a couple memorable calls:

Me: *Intro*VIP: “Hello, I’m calling from *company* and need to talk to *some person much higher up than me*”Me:”Sorry, can’t connect you, you’ll have to write an E-Mail.”

*Some back and forth of her trying to get around the fact that I can’t connect her to anyone*

Then my second favourite thing out of her mouth came, sounding as if I had suggested to affix a dildo to her grandmas forehead:

VIP “You are trying to tell me that I, AS A MANAGER, am supposed to write an E-Mail?!”Me: “Yes.”*click*

Okay, *set myself to available again*Me: *Intro*VIP: “DAMN IT!”*click*

Another one led to the following exchange with my boss:

Me: “Hey Boss, do you know *guy from middle management*”Boss: “Yeah, why, what did he do now?”

“Well, I just got a call from the car dealership we are leasing his car from, it’s about to be towed for blocking a fire escape. Also what do you mean ‘now’?”

Boss: “Eh, ten minutes ago he send he roundmail to about thirty people, explaining that the water at his place got shut off and he’ll stay home because he can’t shower after sport.”

Which was the day I learned I was working for morons…

Edit: Did not actually address my boss with “boyy”

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