Did you know, fellow users, that services cost money?

So I work in a call centre. I do customer services for a utility part of it and there’s three ways you can contact us. You can write or email, which cost the amount of your internet for while you use it or the stamp. Or you can call me. No idea what that costs, but it does. Apparently it’s a fortune.

Yesterday I had a woman spend 25 minutes complaining that we kept sending her letters if she didn’t pay her payment plan payments that she had agreed to on time and we should send her reminder letters before hand so she knew a payment was due because how can we expect her to keep track of one letter in the mass of letters we send her (I didn’t mention that these mass of letters were the missed payment letters)

Her next complaint which took a good 25 minutes after I’d reset her payment schedule and explained why it kept cancelling when she missed a payment was that we charged her for calling us. I tried to explain that there are cheaper alternatives, that it’s a service and yes we charge for it, and we make no secret of charging for it, and finally a slight quip about if she kept to the payment plan she wouldn’t need to call us. I think she chose not to hear that one.

It’s going to be a hard week.

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