"I’m a loyal Customer!" but not if you never paid your bill!

I am a supervisor at an internet provider. It is the sense of entitlement that blows my mind. Like there are certain phrases that customers seem to think will get me to jump to their demands.

My favorite today (as I have already heard it 4 times today) is “I’m a loyal customer and I deserve (thing they want us to break policy over)!”

Today I got a call that blew my mind. The person owes A LOT of money. Looking over the account they never really ever paid their bill.

Me = Me Scammer= S

Account Background: Scammer owes 3 months worth of billing. We have a system that once an account hits a certain amount owed the account is flagged for possible abuse and they get 60 days to pay the whole bill or be barred from service. (like no one can get service at that address again or using the same name + billing info)

This account has one of those flags.

Me: “Hi, this is Somethingnewforthis, a supervisor for Internet Company. I have reviewed your account and see that you are suspended due to non payment. How can I help you today?”

S: Long story about wife being sick, and if true I do genuinely feel bad for them but no question was asked.

I did review the account to see what we CAN do like a hardship credit, but see they already got one and only had service 3 months….

Me: “I am so sorry to hear about your being sick, I understand this is a difficult situation for you. How can I help you with this today?”

S: “Is that total correct? Do I really owe that? How is it calculated?”

I explain the system is all automated and the total would be correct, but offer to manually verify.

Look over the 3 months of billing. Sure enough this was flagged for abuse. Scammer will make a payment. Then do a “chargeback” for the payment made. Basically they are calling the bank and telling them to stop that payment or for a refund or something. This is fraud, and I guess people do not realize that.

Me: “Well looks like we have given you an extension, given you a hardship credit for your situation with your wife, and the maximum that we can offer to help. The big problem we have right now it the chargebacks you had your bank do. Looks like we have to have a full payment or your account will be fully canceled and you will not be able to get service from us again.”

S: “I am a loyal customer and didn’t know there was any chargebacks!” (yells that loyal part.)

Customer has literally never paid for service.

Me: I tell him the exact date of chargeback and the form of payment used. “This has flagged your account for fraud, and we can not help you for that reason. At this time we need a full payment by the end of the month or your account will be canceled and your information flagged to prevent getting service again.

S: “Oh, that chargeback, right. Well I am still a loyal Customer.”

I ended that call as fast as I could because I was worried I might say, “NO YOU CAN NOT BE A LOYAL CUSTOMER IF YOU NEVER PAID A BILL!”

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