"I don’t like your tone"

It’s the last week of the month and here at myISP that means it’s time for calling the recently former customers who owe us money & giving them their final chance to pay us before we start collections & court proceedings.

It’s not my regular job but I fill in where needed & our senior billing person is on their honeymoon. I don’t really mind it because none of these people are customers anymore so I don’t have to be a ‘customer service agent’ when they are rude. But not many people are rude; they just don’t answer their phone & I get to leave a message along the lines of:

“Hi. This is Not from myISP, your former internet provider. You left us owing $1800 and we are going to be starting collection proceedings soon. To avoid this happening please give us a call so we can make payment arrangements.”

I’ve left messages for several people the last two days and this morning someone actually called me back (!) and the conversation went like this.

Me(me) and IrateDebtor (ID)

Me: (bright perky CS voice) Thank you for calling myISP, this is Not, how can help you?

ID: Yeah, this is Irate Debtor. I got your message and I don’t appreciate your tone young lady

Me: (firmly) And I don’t appreciate yours right now.

ID: *silence for a couple beats* Give me your manager

Me: Are you calling to make payment arrangements?

ID: Your manager. NOW!

Me: No

ID hangs up, calls back, chooses the sales line, demands manager, gets routed to me

Me: (bright perky CS voice) Well, hello again! Ready to make payment arrangements?

ID: I don’t like your tone. Get me your manager.

Me: I don’t like you not paying us. I’m not getting my manger.

ID hangs up, calls back, chooses the support line, demands manager, gets routed to me

Me: ID there is no point in calling again and again, you are only going to get me

ID: I cannot believe they let you speak to customers this way

Me: Oh they don’t. But you are not a customer. You are a former customer who owes us $1800 and skipped out on paying. If you want to have a civil conversation we can have that, but you have to be civil as well.

ID: Fuck you bitch

Me: same to you

The guy has run up $1800 of charges in 7 months and then 2 months ago moved without a forwarding address & without cancelling service. I don’t know why he expects me to be a model of sweetness & light to him. Especially when he starts off being hostile to me.

Oh, and the support person who routed him to me? Was our Supervisor. He doesn’t take customer ‘speak to your manager’ demands 99% of the time because he has too much else to do & has us take turns claiming to be the manager. I won’t take that responsibility with collections. I passed the guy’s name on to our Big Boss in case he felt like calling ID but he said the courts could do it. 🙂

Edit: clarity

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