Change is Inconsiderate

I work at a popular fashion company for women and the conversations we have/witness are quite bizarre. These women are bold let me tell you, and all feel entitled to what they want. I have had my fair share of experiences, but this one I had recently just left me out of breath, literally.

EC = Entitled Customer CCA = Call Center Agent

  • Me: “Popular fashion company X. This is CCA! How can I help you?”

  • EC: Deep sigh “Hi, we’ve been corresponding through email over the past couple weeks and I have to say I am extremely disappointed. Let me just start off by saying I’m a big fan of your popular fashion company and talk about it to everyone, but I reached out a couple months ago and was told about one of your offerings, which now has completely changed. What can you do about this?”

  • Me: typing into the computer to find customer’s history and seeing an email from over a YEAR ago in which she spoke about an offering we no longer have and wants now… “I am so very sorry about this, however looking into your history I do see you reached out over a year ago about an offer we no longer have.”

I then literally go on to explaining why we no longer have that offer (due to negative feedback we received from it), explain a new offering we have similar to it which is much better (that I talked about with her via email) and two other options that may work.

  • EC: a minute pause

  • Me: “Does that make sense?”

  • EC: “Well, you see….you must understand why I am disappointed. I want that offer and didn’t expect any change no matter how long. I wasn’t even notified about any change.”

  • Me: “Well, we are a company ma’am and things do change all the time to better our services. We also promoted this new service on our social media and marketed it through emails.”

  • EC: “Hmmm…I just expect what was offered previously.”

  • Me: “I’m sorry, but we cannot honor an offer that no longer exists.” *Explains other options yet again.”

  • EC: another minute pause and then a deep sigh “You really shouldn’t make changes!! It isn’t considerate at all and leaves me in a situation with no options!!!” clicks*

Sure ma’am! Let me just ring up something we offered OVER A YEAR AGO just for you. SO considerate.

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