We’re still gonna call you!!

Reading up on these stories reminded me of when I had a brief stint in collections. I was there for 2 months before transferring to the customer service department because I don’t have the authoritative voice to demand payments. Hell, I tried to talk someone OUT of paying, when they said they only had 40 bucks to their name, and wanted to pay us 25. But this is not that story. On mobile, forgive wonky formatting.

A collections call, outbound, and got the account holder’s daughter. (Me, AHD)

opening speil

AHD: She’s in a nursing home, you guys keeping calling about her bill!

now, we have to gather info ON the nursing home, hospice, or prison, to remove them, so I attempted to get that info

Me: May I please have the address and phone number of the nursing home?

AHD: No! I don’t want you guys to contact her THERE, she’s old and wants to be left alone!

Me: We need this info so we can remove her from our calling list.

AHD: I’m not giving this to you, just take her name off!

I forget how exactly the call went, but after the third attempt and third “no,” I accidentally replied…

Me: We’re still gonna call you then!!

stunned silence

call disconnects


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