Pranking a Co-worker

Quick background: I work for Canadian telecommunications giant (“Blue”) as a L2 tech agent. My usual start time is 7AM, so we usually have some wait time when we first start.

TL;DR at the end.


Urashk: our plucky hero

Filipe: My co-worker whom I pranked


Urashk: I’m sorry sir, you’ve reached Technical Support.

Urashk: Yes sir. Blue Technical Support.

Urashk: We don’t offer those kind of services, sir.

Filipe pops his head above the cubicle, like a groundhog/prairie dog.

Urashk: I cannot assist you, sir.

Filipe tilts his head in confusion.

Urashk: No sir, I cannot assist you. I suggest using Google, with Safe Search turned off.

Filipe’s eyes go wide.

Urashk: That is correct sir. Blue does not provide that kind of service.

Filipe’s eyebrows disappear into his hairline.

Urashk: Thank you very much, and have a great day.

I look up at Filipe.

Filipe: What. The. Hell. Was. That??

Urashk: You do not want to know.

I lasted about 10 seconds, before I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer.

TL;DR: I prank a co-worker regarding an “interesting” call.

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