The Adventure of SpyDog!

At the time, I had just changed from a CC with about 60-80 calls a shift to one with 6-8, in a third-party CC for a major international airline.

We are in germany, by the way.

All is quiet, the floor doesn’t have any calls right now and we try to make a dent in the E-Mail queue, when one unlucky collegues phone rings.
She curses, changes to her CC-Persona and answers, nothing out of the ordinary.

This particular collegue was one of those that naturally assumed “inside voice” meant “inside a chainsaw juggeling competition”, therefore our whole team got to hear her part of the conversation.

After a couple of sentences she bursts out: “And then the dog jumped out of the plane?!”

Immediately all eyes and ears are on her, we want to know more! As she’s still with the caller, people whisper theories, with a parachute? Or without? Was the dog suicidal or ,my personal theorie, one of those secret-agent-dogs from the movie dogs vs. cats?

Somehow the storie doesn’t progress much, it’s just a repetition of “No, I can’t connect you to the person responsible at mayor airport, no, they will not call you back. No, I can’t get you a call back or a written statement from them.”

Obviously, someone is unhappy how SpyDogs daring mission went.

Then, we did get a glimpse on why the mission almost failed:

“But the dog DIDN’T get shot! Please calm down.”

Obviously, SpyDog encountered more resistance than anticipated, no wonder his superior wants a written statement from the person responsible!

What had happened (or might have been the cover-story to protect SpyDog) was that the caller had taken a flight from southern germany to an island in the north sea.
Upon opening of the baggage hatch, it had turned out that SpyDog is an escape artist, or that crew at the starting airport hadn’t properly locked his crate, whatever you think is more believable.

SpyDog had then escaped onto the tarmac but had come back to his handler when called.

Rational as the caller was, she also theorized “Imagine if we had flown to the U.S.! They would have shot my dog!”

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