So you want me to cancel a public service

Long time lurker first time poster. Gotta get this shit out.

Context: I work in a call centre for city council. There are about 14 of us on the customer (resident!) service team. Customer service deals with literally everything you could think of (street cleaning, stray dogs, garbage collection, property development, illegally parked cars etc if it ain’t private we do it) – not that we actually have the power to solve anything on our end – I read about the ‘magic button callers’ some of yall refer to and jeewizz that is 10/10 what most of these mountains outta mole hillers could be perfectly described as. Anyway I have a bunch of shit shows but this is the one on my mind today. I’ll be me (not the mayor) and bitter lady can be BL

ME (not the mayor): hiyouvereachedyaddayadda standard intro

BL: so the houses next to me you see, they have been sold and resold many times and the tenants renting them now they are young probably lawyers and I have an issue with the grass and trees and hedges outside their houses on the street because you maintain it for them, and I do my own! It used to be elderly living in those houses but now they are young so you don’t have to do that any more!

Me:… (wft she is talking about the council owned land, because we are in a city the city does the street grass/greenery/tree maintenance she shouldn’t be doing it herself if it’s not on her property..)

Me out loud: … yes OK well actually it’s a public service we provide as part of street maintenance, we are responsible for the grass and trees on the public land you are talking about so I can put through a special request to make sure we can get the maintenance crew out to do the bit that is on the street outside your property

BL:no no no, you don’t understand. I dont want my tax money to go towards those young people having their grass looked after and the trees when they can do it themselves.

Me:… You want me to request we stop a public service we provide

BL: no you don’t understand, I make sure the grass outside my house is cut and neat and tidy and those young people who are fit and more than able can do their own I think you need to do an audit of the area because you can do the grass cutting for the elderly that is OK but not for those young people you need to stop doing that

Me: so you want me to cancel a service on public land at specific points on a specific public street

BL: honey, you just don’t understand do you? Listen to me, I do my own, and they can do their own. They aren’t elderly they can do it themselves OK? Do I have to come down there to the counter and speak with someone who gets it?

Me:.. You can if you want yes, or you can send an email in to (generic council email address) to raise this issue of.. The service we actually do provide… You know I could put through a request and you wouldn’t have to do the grass yourse.. (she cuts me off)

BL: this is ridiculous ill be coming down there on Monday

Me: (confused, considering egging her house on Halloween) OK, have a nice day!

End the first complaint I’ve had about.. A public service we seem to actually be providing! You can only imagine the complaints we get about all the things we AREN’T doing (50% complaints are people being dicks, 50% city council being slow at getting shit done tho) so yeah, anyone else cop something similar?

I’ve tried to be discreet about where I’m based, sorry if the lingo is off.

Public servant over and out

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