Fire alarm? No, keep helping me or else!

So this only happened today, about 1 hour ago.

I work in a call center for in the banking industry, taking inbound calls and booking appointments for banking clients. As I do, I’m kicking back, taking calls and not much else. Suddenly, a loud whooping begins, I think to myself “Have I died and gone to heaven?” (As we all feel when we hear this sound).

I was talking with a lovely lady, we’ll call her Betty. I will be Me, because.. Me.

Betty: Blah, blah, blah.

Me: I do apologize, Betty, I am being advised I have to evacua…

Betty: But I need you to help me. I don’t care if you have a fire alarm, HELP ME OR EL..

Me: I do need to evacuate. We are currently have, as I am sure you can hear, emergency alarms going off. I need to evacuate.

Betty: Excuse me, Me. You need to help me NO..

Me: *Disconnects and walks out**

I then spent the next 30 minutes in the sun, chatting and chilling.

The icing on the cake? It happened, literally 20 minutes later. Apparently due to an “isolated fire alarm malfunction”

This has never happened in any centre I work, nor will it probably ever happen again.

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Were they wrong tho?

So you want me to cancel a public service