"SHUT UP" ‘kay, bye!

So this one happened less than an hour ago from this post.

Pins. You know. Pins. Those usual 4 digit numbers that tells a person or machine you are who you say you are. Yeah, those things. This woman went mental because of those.

It’s nearly my lunch when I got this call so I was fairly relaxed just riding out time. This is when I get a screeching donkey just shouting nonsense!

I do my greeting only to be met with some aggro lady ranting about our IVR asking for a pin number. You see, it does that because once the call gets to me, I have your account already pulled so I can help you ASAP.

She goes on for a solid 3 minutes saying how she hates the system and requesting for the number to reach an actual person. Uh, 1) I’m sure I’m one of those and 2) there’s only ONE number and we’re going to ask for the same pin number if you didn’t put it in yourself.

No pin = we have zero access to your account.

I then have to explain the obvious that it’s to prevent people from gaining unauthorized access. Her response? “NO ONE KNOWS MY NAME AND I JUST TOLD YOU MY PHONE NUMBER!” So, you budded from thin air and made it to adulthood without a single person knowing your name – gotcha fam.

Oh course, donkey does as donkey does. She precedes to ask for my name to get me “written up”. Yeah, sure. I’ll be written up for not breaking company policy! 😂

Well, if you actually paid attention to when I greeted you instead of screeching, you’d have that. At this point, she was wasting my time considering I was at the damn validation screen for almost 10 minutes. I just respond with “You aren’t getting my name unless you provide your name…” She goes to confirm her name “..and the pin.”

I tell her straight up I’m trying to help her and I need her to help me help her. We can easily reset pins or make some guesses to see if one was correct. After refusing a temporary for the 20th time, she decides to make a guess. Now, her issue was billing and I’ve helped customers all the times with credits to get them on track as a courtesy.

This woman? I was willing to forgive her since a high bill makes me annoyed as well – even her annoying write up bluffy bs. But she had to shove her filthy donkey hoof into her mouth with a “Try xxxx AND SHUT UP”. Oh, okay. So you don’t want assistance or a credit to help you out today. I granted her wish with a click.

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