"My smart TV is taking pictures of me while I sleep and is sending the pictures to my phone!"

Yes. You read that right.

This call is from about 8 months ago, but I still remember it pretty clearly. I only just now found out about this sub otherwise I would have e posted this a VERY long time ago. That being said, let’s get started!

I work for a well known cable/internet provider. As a result, we get a few calls based on people that are convinced that their internet is being hacked into. With these customers, we’ll usually change the wifi password for them and send them on their merry way, but this lady was different.

Very different.

The call came in close to closing time on a weekend night and she calls me, FRANTIC that someone was hacking into her internet.

Me: “Thank you for choosing (Company name here), my name is Chibillama, how may I help you to-“

Lady: “Someone is taking pictures of me from my smart TV, they must be hacking my internet! They keep sending the pictures of me to my phone, it HAS to be from my smart TV! I NEED you to fix it, the police won’t listen to me anymore!”

I pause.

Me: “Ma’am, does your smart TV have a webcam attached to it?”

Lady: “What? Of course not! It’s coming from the camera that’s in your cable box!”

Or cable boxes dont have cameras. Never have. Never will. It’s a waste of equipment.

Me: “…Ma’am, cameras do not come equipped in our cable boxes, and most smart TVs do not come equipped with them either. What model smart TV do you have? I can look up its specifications and check for you if you like.”

Lady: “I need you. To FIX. THIS. RIGHT NOW. I’m scared that I’m being targeted by someone!”

Me: “If that’s the case, you really need to contact your local police depar-“


Now, in my job, we have to try and talk the customer out of trying to talk to the supervisor. They cant help 99% of the time anyway, they just end up being a glorified pillow of the customer to scream into.

Besides, for this customers issues, I’m fairly certain that anyone on my team with our measly training from the company would really be qualified to give her the help she needed.

I felt bad for the next agent, but I ended up transferring her to our security department. Not much else you can do with paranoid customers like that.

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