Kept a call going during a major earthquake

So today in NZ I was bopping along taking calls and in process of training up for a new queue.
Took a call and got some info, placed the person on hold to look stuff up..nek minit…


6.7 magnitude earthquake hits. Our building is on ‘rollers’ and they help absorb the shocks and keep the building upright (fyi NZ is riddled with faultlines so stuff like this is normal for relatively newer buildings).

However they have the added excitement of enhancing the movement felt. It honestly felt like the building bounced up and down a few times really sharply and quickly then was bloody moving side to side. We were all doing the ‘turtle’ under desks and I was holding hands with my neighbor thinking ‘I’ll be dammed if this is how it ends!!’

Finnnnnnaaaallllyy the shaking stopped. Got my caller back off hold, she had felt it too (bout 200km away from me) and we both had a very nervous giggle bout it, she told me to get out of the building if i had to I told her I’d be ok, transferred her to another area and proceeded to sit in wrap for like 30 min. But I didn’t lose the call!!

Just needed to vent because it scared the shit out of me 🙂

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