I work for a loan company…our customers are the least intelligent humans that have ever existed. Ever.

These are two gems from today….

Me: Thank you for calling loan company… Idiot 1: Yeah. Y’all said I could have a thousand dollars but when I signed the documents it just said 700 so I signed the documents for 700 and I want 1000 like you promised. Me: Well, when you click the link to sign there’s a slider bar at the top that says “select your loan amount” you’ll want to use that bar to select your actual loan amount. Idiot 1: Well how was I supposed to know. Your website sucks. Why do I have to re-sign?? Me: Attempts to explain we’re not going to give him 300 extra bucks on his word that he’ll totally pay it back…

Story 2

Me: Thank you for calling loan company… Idiot 2: I was told to call back to finalize after signing my documents. Me: I don’t show that the documents have been signed… Idiot 2: Well I’m on a page here that says “check the boxes below to agree to the terms” where do I sign?? Me: Uh. You’re going to want to check the boxes agreeing to the terms and then click the button that says “Click to sign”. Idiot 2: Okay. immediately hangs up …calls back two hours later upset they haven’t received the funds. Pissed at me because THEY hung up and didn’t bother to finalize the application.

I just can’t with the lack of reading comprehension I deal with every day.

Edit::damn mobile. The format is trash. I am ashamed and I apologize for my shortcomings.

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