I have to check up on him…

I just had a call from this precious older man. He said he’s behind on his bill because his wife passed away. I said I’m so sorry.

He proceeded to tell me that she died on their first trip to Europe. Through sniffles and pauses he said she’d been dreaming of going to Switzerland for 49 years (the length of their marriage). He said she is (he kept using present tense) his world and best friend, his only family. His voice became so gentle.

He made his payment. We discussed travels and my trip to Europe last summer. I could hear the smile in his voice.

I had to get off the call because, call times. I really want to reach out to him. Talk more. Make sure he’s ok. I have all of his contact info and email and so on, but how do I reach out without getting caught? Any creative ideas?

By this I mean a way to coincidentally cross paths or “accidentally” email the wrong address etc. and be able to open the door for communication. Not that he would know it’s me.

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