How I made an escalation go nuclear, with being helpfull

German car insurance CC, it’s illegal to drive uninsured in germany.
There used to be a date when all car-insurance contracts are up for renewal, this hasn’t been the case for years, but still a lot of contracts renew there, so a lot of car-insurance ads play in Tv.
GDB = Good Driver Bonus, your insurance gets cheaper the longer you drive without damages.
Me: “*introduction* How may I help you?”

Caller: “You guys are getting too expensive, go down with the price or I’ll change insurance companys.” (not at all an unusual start in this CC)

Me: “I’ll see what I can do, I’ll just open your data and…uh… your policy got renewed about two weeks ago, there is nothing I can do.”

Ca:*slightly agitated*”But on Tv they said I still got two weeks time, I know my rights!”

Me: “That is if *explain the whole deal.*”

Ca: *controlled angry*”I’ll de-register my car and get new plates then!”

Me: “Your new ensurance would check your cars serial number against a database and send you back to us, as there is a existing contract in your name for that car.”

Ca: *angry*”WHAT? Okay, I’ll de-register my car and register it in my wifes name!” (I’m pretty sure I can hear veins getting damaged at this point)

Me: “Yes! That would work! I don’t recommend it though. You’d lose your GDB, as those are in your name.”


Me: “Yes, pretty much.”

*sound of phone hitting wall before disconnect*

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